Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I am not even two weeks out and I feel so much better than I did just a couple of days ago. I've been walking, I had a few outings with family and friends, AND I am losing weight! Prior to the surgery, I had lost 19 pounds and it only took me eight months. Yes, I struggled to get every ounce off and keep it off and I did by making healthy food choices and by exercising (yoga or walking) six days a week. So here we are eleven days since my surgery and I've lost and additional 11 pounds. I know that my weight loss will be quicker in the beginning and will eventually level off, but I would like to pat my ego's back and say, "way to go"

I was going back through reading a post I had made last March announcing my decision to have this surgery. I had almost 70 comments, and the majority of them were positive. I did have 2 or 3 people say it wasn't safe or that I could lose the weight without surgery, but the over all theme of those comments was great decision, good luck, and we support you. I don't require the support of others, in fact I have a rebellious streak that makes me want to do whatever it is I feel like needs to be done regardless of people being on my side, but it nice to have friends and family stand behind you when take a leap of faith like this.

One of my biggest supporters, other than my husband, has been a friend of mine who had this surgery almost a year and a half ago. She had done an amazing job losing 90 pounds and now she had made a commitment to work out at a gym. I'm not really sure I would have gone into this venture with as much confidence as I have if it hadn't been for her. She told me what she did that worked, what didn't work, and what she should have done. I am so grateful to her and my other supporters; thank you all.

The flowers are from my friends at Ahimsa Yoga


Cecelia Demboski said...

Great job Marye! So glad you are feeling well. I wish you continued good health and happiness!

Mom said...

You Go Girl! Glad you have a great support system. What you did was a leap of faith and it shows that you have strong faith in yourself, the doctor, your family, and God. We are on your side too. Can't wait to see you or talk to you. Love.

Sophie said...

So very very proud of you -- keep on going!